Why be Certified?

Are you ready to attain new levels of expertise as a Certified Professional?

  • Expertise in Technology Addiction Treatment

    Let clients, students, parents and peers know you have the training to provide the best tools and strategies for improving clinical outcomes for individuals who are overusing technology and for those who are tech addicted.

  • National Provider List

    You will be listed on a National Provider Directory that will allow people to find a caring professional close to their home.

  • Client Trust

    Provide assurance to clients that you have the expertise and necessary tools to help them.

  • Documentation of Training

    Certification is a personal accomplishment and verifiable gauge of your training completion. You can display this certification and let them know you have been trained with the best in this burgeoning field.

  • Professional Recognition

    Distinguish yourself from your peers and increase your opportunities for career advancement. 

Not-For-Profit Organization

Members of NIDH are from a range of disciplines including, psychologists, educators, scientists, advocates, philanthropists and everyday people who are concerned about our species and how it’s been affected by technology.

Offering education, resources and trainings beginning in May 2020.

Our mission is to help individuals, families, schools, organizations and our planet to thrive in the new, challenging landscape of the Digital Age. We can build a healthier, more resilient and purposeful planet that uses technology as a tool—and does not become the “tool of their tools” (as the transcendentalist philosopher Henry David Thoreau said over 100 years ago).